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Since our foundation three decades back in 1973, Sonear industries (Donear, as the company was called before rebranding) has continually looked at our clients’ challenges and how we develop our services to tackle those challenges. We have re-invented ourselves several times – as you might expect from an industry as dynamic as ours. However, a few things have not changed. From the start, we have fostered a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and a unique sense of partnership with employees and clients alike. Today Sonear has become one of the most integrated interiors company in the industry with product ranging from choicest of exclusive Veneer sourced from the most exotic forests, Decorative Plywood , an infinite range of Laminates and ready made, ready to use Flush Doors.

We have introduced a virtual application in our studios, which helps get the factual images, by clicking on the veneer you want, against the furniture you want to use it with; this makes it a live experience. This surface stimulation system helps give customers much imagination of what can be done, giving our customers ease of buying.

Thirty years is a long time, and therefore the current Sonear story is all about getting into the next big league, organizing more of the unorganized market and identifying the next frontier. However, the hard work and toil that has gone into creating the business is perhaps what we can take our lessons from. We pride ourselves on daring to push the boundaries of what’s possible, in order to come up with innovative product line that keeps you ahead of the game.

I wish all our associates and members of the Sonear family best of times ahead and hope to continue making advance strides of progress in the future.

Jitendra Kejriwal
Chairman and Managing Director, Sonear


Sonear’s vision is to become one of the best interior solution provider company; providing world’s most reliable products in decorative industries.

Our endeavour is to be the leader in client satisfaction, innovation to bring out the best what our customers inspire and desire for through integrity and commitment to society.

Corporate Profile

Sonear represents an immaculate fusion of the best of quality and creativity. It offers you products with flawless finish, making your house an aesthetic masterpiece. We have been providing decor solution for over 3 decades by providing quality solutions to our customers with our wide range of products. Sonear Industries Ltd. is the leading manufacturers of Ply, Veneer, Decorative Plywood and Laminates in the nation.

Sonear has evolved as a team and has taken giant strides towards progress. While a top line growth of is by no standards a mean feat, what gives us a bigger sense of achievement is in having been able to introduce new and innovative products. We can proudly proclaim that our products cross all its boundaries for ensuring top notch quality. Our absolute commitment to quality permits us to incorporate world class techniques with 4000 employees working in three state-of-the-art production facilities sprawled across 85,000 sq. meters. ISO 9001:2008 certified, our plants are fully integrated manufacturing units, dedicated equally to protecting the environment through resource conservation and waste minimization while rolling out the best of ply, veneers and laminates.

Craftsmanship and quality has always been our forte and is the reason so many of the most discerning architects choose us to partner them in their quest.

1. Free from wood destroying organisms: Special chemical treatment and R&D formulated bonding glue protects Sonear products from the powder & borer.

2. Stringent Standards: All products conform to the Stringent B.I.S. Standards and are ISI Marked and the Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

3. Provision for multiple sanding: Sonear’s 0.6mm decorative face can withstand sanding up to three more than ordinary decorative ply 0.2mm thickness.

4. Water & Moisture: Sonear offers all weather protection on a wide range of products suitable for use in exteriors as well as interiors.

5. 2.5 Times Stronger: Compression of two additional layers of cross core and a 0.6mm thick decorative face in just 4mm thickness enhance the density & tensile strength by over 2.5 times.

6. Better Grip: Superior density and a 0.6mm thick decorative face provide a tighter gripping surface for heavily nail application jobs. This ensures that no cracks appear on the surface of the ply.

7. Eco-Friendly: All our production processes cause no harm to the environment.

An integral part of Sonear’s transformation is its constant focus on research & development and technological excellence with a view to enhance customer experience with its vast product range. The result manifests in latest product updates in various categories matching market trends and global perspectives. For the architects, it translates to risk reduction by avoiding costly errors in choosing the right materials/design.

This involves treating the plywood with a special component using a unique process to impart a distinct gloss to the veneer surface, making it look the way you always wanted it to be.

Benifits Implications
Eliminates core-gaps More durable than ordinary plywood
Non-overlapping Seamless contact of outer decorative face with the plywood
Prevents warping and bending High density bonding ensuring dimensionally constant product
Corrugation free Ensures uniform thickness & absolutely wrinkle-free plywood

Sonear is India’s first company to introduce this revolutionary concept. This involves the compression of two additional layers of cross core and a 0.6mm thick decorative face in just 4mm thickness, enhancing the density and tensile strength of the ply by over 2.5 times than ordinary plywood. The superior density of 6 ply construction in 4mm thickness provides more dimensional stability to the Sonear’s ply which enables it to withstand sanding up to three times more than ordinary decorative ply.

This involves treating the plywood with a special component using a unique process to impart a distinct gloss to the face of the decorative veneer, making it look the way you always wanted it to be.


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