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Technology behind our laminates


‘SAFE’ Technology Sonear is the pioneering company to introduce this technology for its vast range of laminates. Meaning stain-free, abrasion-proof, fire resistant & electrostat retardant, Sonear Laminates remain scratch-free and stain-free for years. Sonear laminates are 100% termite, borer proof & boiling water proof and adhere to BIS and NEMA LD3 – USA quality standards with negligible Formalin emission. Sonear Laminates offer an unmatched range of decorative laminates with over 500 designs.  Distinct Advantages

Strength & Flexibility Unbleached/absorbent craft paper with long cellulose fibre is manufactured from virgin pulp.
Colour Fastness & Consistency The primary pigment in the imported base or design paper from Europe gives colour consistency and fastness.
Carpenter Friendly High quality plasticizers are used to make the Laminates more flexible and carpenter friendly.
Ultimate Finish Italian mould plates, which impart the ultimate surface texture/finish are used.
No Substandard Raw Material No filler or inferior quality raw material is used.
Reduced Adhesive Consumption Double sanding belt is used to give a polished roughness, which reduces adhesive consumption by approximately 20%.
Consistent Weight High density maintained for every sheet weighing more than 4.2kgs.
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