FLEXI - Technical Specification

Sonear Flexi Ply opens a new avenue in décor with the ability to mould into round shaped surfaces. This impeccable new approach in plywood is perfect for all kinds of interior applications like furniture, wall cabinets, cupboards & wardrobes.

Technical Data
Composition : Tropical Wood, Hot Pressed with Thermosetting Glue
Density : 350 to 450 Kg per Cbm
Thickness : 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm
Direction of Flexibility : Cross grain along the Length
Elasticity : Cross Grain – 210 N/mm2
Long Grain – 6300 N/mm2 (for a 6mm thick Panel at 10% Moisture content)
Bonding Results : For 6mm thickness – minimum 5cm For 8mm thickness – minimum 10cm
Dimensions : 2440 X 1220mm, 2440 X 920mm, 2140 X 920mm
2140 X 1220mm, 1840 X 1220mm, 1840 X 920mm