Infinity Ply - Technical Specification

A world class limited edition range built with the unique PCT technology. With layers of Gurjan core, it is the strongest plywood in the world and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is borer proof, fungus proof, termite resistant and made with technical specifications conforming to IS:710 (1976).

Testing Parameters IS:710:1976 Requirement Sonear Infinity Results
Moisture Content 5 to 15% 9%
Glue Shear Strength in Dry Condition a. Individual Min. 1100 Newton
b. Average Min. 1350 Newton
1640 Newton
1855 Newton
Glue Shear Strength after Wet Condition a. Individual Min. 800 Newton
b. Average Min. 1000 Newton
1505 Newton
1610 Newton
Tensile Strength
a) Parallel to grain direction
b) Right angle to grain direction
c) Sum of both directions
Min. 42.0 N/ mm²
Min. 25.0 N/ mm²
Min. 84.5 N/ mm²
77 N/ mm²
59 N/ mm²
136 N/ mm²
Water Resistance Test Should pass 72 Hours of Boiling Test 210 Hours Test Passed