LTW Gold - Technical Specification

A Premium ISO 9001:2008 certified ply made from Gurjan and Hardwood timber, sourced and selected from the best of forests, (LTW-GOLD) is an assurance from Sonear of continued performance, satisfaction and longevity that last for generations. Passed through some of the most stringent quality procedures, these plywood are free from wood destroying organisms, completely fungus, termite and borer resistant and made with technical specifications conforming to IS:710 (1976) and build to stand the rigours of time.

Testing Parameters I.S. : 710 Requirement Sonear Ltw Gold Results
Moisture Content 5%-15% 9 %
Glue Shear Strength in Dry Condition Individual Min 1100 Newton
Average Min. 1350 Newton
1580 Newton
1790 Newton
Glue Shear Strength after Wet Condition Individual Min 800 Newton
Average Min. 1000 Newton
1480 Newton
1570 Newton
Tensile strength
A) Parallel to grain direction
B) Right angle to Grain Direction
C) Sum of both direction
Min.42.0 N/MM2
Min. 25.0 N/MM2
Min. 84.5 N/MM2
70 N/MM2
50 N/MM2
125 N/MM2
Water resistance test Should pass 72 hrs. of boiling test. 190 hrs. test passed.