SONEAR MR 303 - Technical Specification

Created by following stringent quality norms, this versatile ready-touse plywood is the preferred choice for wood work. Ideal for use in interiors, this commercial plywood is made from seasoned hardwood core bonded with special quality Resin under controlled temperature and pressure. It is perfect for all kinds of interior applications like furniture, cupboards, wardrobes, ceilings, panelling and packaging.

Testing Parameters IS:303 Requirement Sonear Results
Moisture Content 5% to 15% 8%
Glue Adhesion Test Three test specimens of size 250mm x 100mm submerged in water at 60 ± 2 Centigrade for Three Hours and then Dryed for Eight Hours at a temperature of 65 ± 2 Centigrade followed by Two more cycles and then tested as per IS:1734 (Part 5) 3 cycles carried out.
No delamination
Excellent Bonding.
Modulus of Elasticity Across the Grains Average 2700 N/mm2 2000 N/mm2
Modulus of Rupture Across the Grains Average 15 N/mm2 19 N/mm2