Sonear MR Block Board - Technical Specification

Sonear Block Boards are made of extra thick ‘A’ veneers with core composed of premium imported pine logs, cut from central beam. They are fabricated from extra thick circular pieces of imported hardwood and long core veneers, and bonded under high pressure and temperature. Utmost care is taken to ensure uniformity and hence eliminating gaps, overlapping or corrugation which prevents the chance of the board disintegrating when cut. Sonear Block Boards provide exceptional strength and durability to wall cabinets, cupboards, wardrobe and furniture with additional grip for screws and nails. These Block Boards are available in commercial and waterproof varieties and are suitable for interiors as well as exteriors.

Testing Parameters IS:1659 Requirement Sonear Results
Moisture Content 5 to 15% 8%
Dimensional Change caused
by humidity
a) Max. change in length
b) Max. change in thickness
c) Max. change in local planeness
±1 mm
±1 mm
Less than1/150
0.30 mm
0.40 mm
Modulus of Rupture Min.50.00 N/mm2 55.00 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity Min.5000 N/mm2 5640 N/mm2
Edge Straightness 0.2% (Max.) 0.05%
Squareness 0.2% (Max.) 0.10%