Top 10 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Wooden Furniture

Top 10 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture not only add a character to your interior but is also a prized legacy that transcends generations; provided they are made up of the best quality plywood with stringent quality measures. Furniture made of hardwood, such as Gurjan Core, is sure to last till antiquity. However, that is not the end of the story. Like every other prized possession, furniture also needs care. Let’s find how we can make our furniture last a lifetime.

Best 10 Wooden Furniture Care Tips for Your Homes 

    1. Treat your furniture with care, because they are also subjected to wear and tear. Many times we place hot utensils directly on furniture, but remember even these pieces have their heat tolerance levels. Place hot utensils on a trivet, coasters or potholders instead.


    1. The environment in which you have kept your furniture also affects its longevity. Excessive sunlight or heat, such as from fireplaces, can flake your furniture or fade away the brightness and colour. Keep your furniture in a nicely aired place away from direct sunlight. Use a good quality veneer for that everlasting elegance.


    1. Also, dust your furniture regularly to prevent scratches and discoloration. Dust particles can build an abrasive layer on wood that damages the surface. Use a soft piece of cloth while dusting, for the maximum effect.


    1. Sometimes only dusting isn’t enough and you might need to clean your wood furniture with a cleaner, like soap. Never use an all-purpose cleaner, as it can damage the finish. Instead, dip a cloth in water that contains a mild dish-washer detergent, wring it and gently wipe out the stains. Follow this procedure by cleaning with a damp cloth and then, immediately wiping with a soft dry cloth.


    1. Most commercial polishes and sprays contain petroleum distillates or silicone oil to provide a fresh and shiny finish, while also offering some protection to your furniture. However, a word of caution here. Using too much of such sprays or polishes can build-up an oily residue that combines with dirt to create a dull, sticky film. Make sure to polish well to avoid this build-up; also, avoid using these products with wax protectant as the combination can result in a sticky mess.


    1. Wooden furniture can sustain injuries even with the best of care. So, it is important to treat the wear and tear at the earliest to avoid further damage. For minor scratches, you can use scratch covers. The liquid polish hides the signs of scratches, bringing back the wood’s inherent beauty. Painting a piece of damaged furniture also gives new life to it, making it last several more good years.


    1. Furniture might become overtly dry with prolonged use or storage. In such cases, use furniture oil to treat the wood. If you plan on applying a further protective coating after oiling, it is advisable to let the furniture set for at least 24 hours post oiling.


    1. Some furniture has a wax protective coating and might require re-waxing at regular intervals. Wax coating should be applied using light pressure and the excess wax should be removed. Make sure to polish the surface with a soft cloth until it feels smooth to touch.


    1. Sometimes, older pieces of wood develop an unpleasant smell, especially, if they are stored for a long time. To keep the wood smelling fresh, you can sprinkle the surface with baking soda to freshen it up. You can also place a pan of charcoal inside drawers to absorb the odd smells from inside. Also, leaving the wood furniture outside in a shaded area on a warm, dry day gives relief from the foul smell and makes the furniture as good as new.


  1. Even with the best care and effort, sometimes the unavoidable happens and the furniture might get tough stains. Remove them at the earliest, because the longer the stains sit the harder it gets to remove them.

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