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6 Trending Ideas for Crafting Your TV Wall Design

The humble television is no longer just an entertainment device; it’s the focal point of our living rooms. Crafting an impressive TV wall design enhances your viewing experience and elevates your space’s aesthetics. If you want to revamp your living area, here are the top 6 trending ideas for creating a captivating TV wall design that combines form and function.


Top 6 Decorative Veneer TV Wall Designs

1. Stone Veneer TV Wall

Add a striking feature to your interior with a stone veneer TV wall design. The stone cladding unit looks like a feature wall behind the wall-mounted television.

It is gorgeous and appealing because it visually separates the living area from the other parts of the home. It brings the essence of ancient stones with an innovative touch and a bold character.

2. Minimalistic Marvel

Less is often more when it comes to modern TV wall designs. Embrace minimalism by opting for a sleek, wall-mounted TV that seamlessly blends into your decor. Surround it with open shelves or cabinets in a monochromatic palette to keep the focus on the screen. This clean and uncluttered look exudes sophistication and creates a sense of spaciousness in your room.

3. Fuma Veneer TV Wall Design

Create a timeless appeal by building your TV wall with Fuma Veneer by Sonear Ply. This veneer provides a refreshing look and has an earthly beauty. It is crafted ingeniously and looks captivating. Put simply, it’s hard to go unnoticed.

4. Royal Veneers TV Cabinet Design

If you don’t want an accent wall but want a bit of luxury and sophistication in your living area, consider designing your TV cabinet with royal veneers. Why? Simply because they add exclusivity to the space. Available in a large variety of designs, pick and choose your favorite to get a TV cabinet that instantly increases your home’s opulence.

5. Natural Tint Veneer

Our natural tint veneers are made from the highest quality of wood. Our experts craft them beautifully, showcasing quality craftsmanship, sheer precision, and technical prowess. Our natural tint veneer TV cabinet design will instantly give your interior space a natural glow and pristine hue.

6. Exotic Veneer

Whether you want to create an accent TV wall or cabinet design, our exotic veneers are your best bet. They look glamorous and stylish, instantly adding a touch of luxury to your living area. The unit is bound to draw attention and become a conversation starter.

Check out our range to learn more about our veneers and TV wall designs. Find the perfect veneer to craft your custom TV wall unit/cabinet today.

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