7 tips to hire a right interior designer

7 tips to hire a right interior designer

Interior designers make every room a living room. Today’s designers are focussing more on a unique space, which reflects the experience between time, culture, and personality. Influenced by minimalism and investigations of pure space, they focus on functionality and simplicity. We all will agree that clean and beautiful spaces boost productivity and creativity.

Is your personal space looking a bit drab? Now is the perfect time to hire an interior designer and update its look. Here are 7 tips to hire the right interior designer for your home:

Discover your style: Before looking for an interior designer first identify what you are looking for. Take some time and check some of the websites related to interior designing. This will certainly give you some perspectives and can help in case you’re a little fuzzy on the details. It’s really important to identify your style so you can hire the right person for the job.

Ask for Referrals: Pay heed to your colleagues and peer groups as word-of-mouth recommendations are often the best resource. Talk to friends and family members who have hired interior designers in the past and are fully satisfied with their job. Also read their online reviews.

You can also check with your real estate agent as they or their clients might have the names of excellent designers around town.

Take a look at some portfolios: After identifying what are you looking for and got some designers’ references then look at their portfolios. Collect as much info as you can, read their online reviews, testimonials, check their social pages. Find out more about them and take a look at their portfolios.

Set Your Budget: This is the most important aspect as your budget will determine the quality of the designer you can hire, so be sure about your budget. You have to keep in mind things like the designer’s hourly rate, cost of materials, contractors, etc.

It’s advisable to know the going rate for interior design projects when they’re executed at a competitive rate.

Meet in person and interview them: Once you’ve finalized your choices and shortlisted a few names, it’s time to meet face to face. Either visit their design studio or call them to your place for a meeting, most designers don’t charge for these sessions.

Keep an open mind: Definitely, there will be a clash of opinion but you should have an open mind.
There are so many things the designer knows better than you. So go with an open mind and don’t dismiss the designer’s suggestions without giving the idea a chance.

Ask the designer about the material he/she is using for interiors: This is another important factor as the materials used by designers play a huge role. Ask him what all materials he/she has used in their past projects. Do check about those brands also. Like Sonear Ply which is a well-renowned brand that offers innovative and customized interior design solutions to clients. They provide elegant, class, and luxury in every sense. The brand comes with a very strong warranty period unlike other players in the market. They replace products within the warranty period. The company’s after-sales service provides an unmatchable experience to its customers.

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