Sonear Natural Veneer Manufacturer and Supplier in India

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Sonear Natural Veneer Manufacturer and Supplier in India
Brief About Us
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Brief About Us

A prestigious interior solutions brand, Sonear is one of India’s largest and leading manufacturers of decorativeveneers, sourced from the most exotic forests, special range of plywood and ready-to-use flush doors. With ISO 9001:2000certified, it is a name that represents the absolute commitment and years of unwavering trust. With a legacy that spansmore than two decades, ours has been a relentless journey of pursuing the art of excellence; bringing you the absolutebest. We have been constantly raising the bar of quality and consistency with new ground-breaking design solutions andever-evolving contemporary patterns to beautify your surroundings.

Our services include, yet not constrained to manufacturing of:

  • Decorative/ Commercial Plywood.
  • Specialized and Innovative Plywood.
  • Large variety of Decorative Natural Veneers.
  • Exclusive variety of Decorative Re-constitutive Veneers.
  • Block Boards.
  • Ready-to-use Flush Doors.

Since commencement (in 1999), Sonear has carved a niche for itself as one of the highly regarded brands, with a pledgeto quality and on-time delivery. We have distinguished ourselves by providing the choicest products; which includeexotic veneers, special range of plywood, ready-to-use flush doors and many more.Our mantra has always been to upgrade with the latest trends and times so that our products and services bring theutmost satisfaction to our clients. Considering the progressions occurring at a rapid pace in the market, we pull outall the stops to familiarize ourselves with the best in innovation, trends, materials and technological advancements.And drawing inspiration from this vast repository of knowledge, we craft unique, yet cost effective, solutions andservices to cater to our clients’ requirements.There is a saying – “When new ideas are fearlessly tried and tested and everything is supported with a structuredprocess, that’s when creation transforms into fine art.” This thought fits flawlessly with our group of specialists, whokeep on switching from one creative chapter to another, seeking the perfect range of exquisite craftsmanship to delightthe most discerning clients. In our pursuit of excellence, we have made gallant choices all through our business,venturing much beyond our customary range of familiarity, to give more than what clients desire and expect. The drivingforce behind this endeavour is our excellent customization abilities, supported by quality frameworks and procedures.In continuation with Sonear’s legacy, we seek the continued support and trust of our valued clients, and the cooperationof our employees, in building a futuristic brand with the best innovation and practices

What We Do

We aim to be the brand that interprets the visions of architects, interior designers and clients into a well-articulated, ground-breaking interior decor solution; which is both unique and practical. We, therefore, endeavour to be the pioneer in the field, combining bespoke innovation, creativity and quality. We are committed to the constant pursuit of excellence, providing the best to the clients at a reasonable range. And to continue adhering to our ethical practices and legacy, as we fulfil our duties towards our clients and society.
We at Sonear focus on pursuing a plan of action wherein our products and services are consistently unique and distinguished, yet practical. Our endeavours are rooted in a healthy working environment, where everyone is committed to quality and ethics from the ground level. We are committed towards:
  1. Creating one of a kind and innovative solutions that are designed keeping in mind the customised needs and budgetary considerations of architects, interior designers and clients.
  2. Providing clients with the benefits of our knowledge and research that mirror the most recent improvements and trends.
  3. Delivering services and meeting the clients’ requirements within the time agreed.
  4. Maintaining and upholding healthy relationships with clients, experts, architects, interior designers and partners through excellent work quality and communication.
  5. Upholding Honesty-Integrity-Accountability; the trio shall be the key driving forces throughout our work.
Sonear believes in team endeavours and supports harmony at work. For our employees, we advocate a tranquil workplace that enables them to work to their best capacity with proficiency and pride. We trust that such practices always improve and empower solidarity and create an environment of consistent goals and objectives. Our group comprises of capable, dedicated architects, interior designers, artists, engineers and field supervisors. What’s more, we maintain close working relationships with our employees, as well as clients, and stay engaged with them throughout the venture. Merging the most recent processes and practices, our group stays constantly connected with the latest designs and market trends, so that we can provide you with the best products and services to help you upgrade your interiors.

Esteemed Clients

Our Quality

Our endeavour is to be the leader in client satisfaction through innovation and to bring out the best of what the customers desire through integrity and commitment to society.
We have been providing decor solutions for over 2 decade by providing quality solutions to our customers with our wide range of products. We have maintained our consistency from the beginning and thus, leaving our customers with full satisfaction.
The Sonear confidence originates from the 2 decades of perfection defined by our three state-of-the-art backward integrated plants, an end-to-end production capability and being in harmony with nature. We take pride in importing the best quality of raw materials from around the world and churning out the best product, superseding the stringent IS quality control measures to keep your expectations higher.
The hard work and toil that has gone into creating the business is the reason Sonear has evolved as a team and has taken giant strides towards progress.We pride ourselves on daring to push the boundaries of what’s possible, in order to come up with innovative product line that keeps you ahead of the game.
With regards to Art, Sonear remains at the top position. Pursued by technological headway, it conveys exceptional scope of items which are reasonable for all season and accustomed to all climate. With its unique range of products, Sonear has incredible reputation in the market with huge client’s base.