Why You Should Choose Flush Doors For Your Homes and Offices

Why You Should Choose Flush Doors For Your Homes and Offices

A home is not just about brinks and mortars, it constitutes many more ingredients to build your abode. One such important ingredient is door. You might think, ‘oh! It’s just a door’ when it comes to interiors and accessibility to your own corner, the same door becomes one of the important fixtures. Though these doors are available in many varieties, Flush Doors with Veneer are the most preferred ones, both by the architects and interior designers, as well as the homeowners. 


What are flush doors?

Flush Doors have plain facings on both sides. They consist of a hollow framework of rails and stiles, top and bottom rails, and narrow intermediate rails. These frames are then covered on each side by sheets of plywood. One of the most important feature of flush plywood doors is that they have joint-less surfaces on both sides. The nominal thickness of the flush door shutter varies from 25mm to 36mm depending upon the types of doors.

One of the most important benefits of having Flushing Doors in your house is that they are resistant to water, borer, and as well as fungi. This means you need not to change the doors every now and then. Being attractive and durable are other benefits of Flush Doors that you cannot overlook.


Generally, you can get three types of Flush Plywood Doors in the market.


  • Solid Core Flush Doors:

Also knows as Laminated Flush Doors, their frames consist of stiles, top and bottom rails and each of them are 7.5cm wide. These Laminated Flush Doors are made with a core of timber, chipboard, or compressed fiberboard strips.


  • Hollow Core Flush Doors:

The frames of these Flush Doors consist of stiles, top, bottom, and intermediate rails which are at least 7.5 cm wide. The frames are also covered on both sides by plywood sheets.


  • Cellular Core Flush Doors:

The Cellular Core Flush Doors are made with cellular fiber boards developed in a light softwood frame with lock and hinges blocks. They are covered with plywood or hardboard facings which are glued to the frame and core on both sides.

Though there are many companies that manufacture Flush Shutter Doors, while choosing them, you should be extra careful to pick those brands that are durable and would last long. One such brand is Sonear that manufactures Veneer Flush Doors that comprise premium quality imported materials. Sonear utilizes the new advanced technologies that offer uniform flush doors thickness without undulation, distortion, and create smooth surfaces for laminations. Sonear has a wide range of Flush Doors that are ‘ready to use, made to order’. You can choose Sonear for its different alluring flush doors sizes and thicknesses of Flush Doors that exactly fit your required measurements.

Gone are the days when doors were just the doors. It is time now to give the doors the attention that they deserve. Choose Sonear Plywood Flush Doors Ply, and be tension-free for years.


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