Sonear Ply|Choosing the Right Veneer for Your Furniture: Tips and Considerations

Choosing the Right Veneer for Your Furniture: Tips and Considerations

Finding the right materials for your furniture can be challenging, but veneer has become a popular choice among many. The elegant cuts, variety of tones, and range of options make it an ideal solution for residential and office furniture. 

Veneers for furniture designs are certainly a good choice, but with so many varieties available, how do you find the right one?


Factors to Consider When Selecting Veneer for Furniture Designs 

When looking for the right veneer for furniture, it is vital to take into consideration the following factors:

Color Tone

Firstly, you must determine which color tone you want for your furniture. This can depend on the interior design and color palette of the room. From natural tints to yin-yang shades, there are various color tones to choose from. 

Grain Pattern

An important thing to remember when looking for veneers is that no two pieces of veneer are the same. Therefore, you should select veneers from the same log to maintain consistent design and color in the furniture. 

Right Variants

When selecting veneers for furniture, you must also consider their application since every application requires a different thickness. For instance, go for veneers with high moisture resistance for kitchen cabinets or medium-density veneers for wall panels. 

Suitable Veneer Cut

Various veneer cuts are available based on the application, including countertops, kitchen cabinets, and doors. Therefore, ensure you have the right cut based on your pattern and design requirements. 


Latest Trends in Veneer for Furniture Design 

Here are some of the popular veneer furniture trends 


One of the veneer trends that have recently become popular is veneer headboards. The unique textured look of the veneer adds a welcoming and warming appearance to the room. It can surely transform the overall beauty and charm of the bedroom. 

Wall Panels

Many people add veneer wall panels to their homes and offices to create an elegant and sophisticated look. It creates a modern look with a touch of comfort. 


Veneer is a popular choice for office furniture. Many businesses invest in veneer desks due to their classy appearance and easy maintenance. 


Types of Veneer to Consider for Your Furniture 

Here are the three popular types of veneer for furniture:

Teak Veneer 

With higher moisture resistance and durability, Teak Veneer is often among the first veneer choices for homeowners and business owners looking for a clean look at an affordable price.  

Fuma Veneer

Want your furniture to have a classic look? Fuma veneer is the ideal choice. This veneer has a precision finish and oozes earthy beauty. It is perfect for those who want a natural touch to their interiors. Fuma Veneer is available in both dark wooden shades and light ones. 

Exotic Veneer

Produced from wood taken from exotic forests, Exotic Veneer is ideal for those looking for minimalist and sophisticated furniture. This veneer is known for its finesse and luxurious appearance, making it an ideal choice for high-end furniture designers and homeowners. 


Wrapping Up 

Veneer is certainly an outstanding option for furniture for homes and offices. It enhances the aesthetic appeal and comfort, making it ideal for any interior design. Its affordability, versatility, and beauty have made it the first choice for many designers and homeowners. Consider these factors and tips to find the right veneer for your furniture to elevate your interiors.

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