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DIY Tips To Decorate Your Home Interiors During This Holiday Season

As the cold weather has started to roll in, we’re reminded of what’s coming… the holiday season. We all associate the holiday season with lots of decorations. For this year, as we all have been at our homes for the most of times and surely must have learnt some DIYs. What better it could be when we can DIY the decorations for the holiday season.

Out of all the materials that can be used for the DIY holiday decorations, wood is one of the most versatile materials which you can cut, carve, shape, and glue. Sonear Flexi Ply opens a new avenue in décor with the ability to mould into round shaped surfaces.

You are sure to find the perfect DIY holiday decoration project to use up any old wood that you have on hand. You can make use of any old pallets or if you have an old wooden door or some shutters on hand, you can use those as well.  So, let’s put that retrieved wood to good use, and make some wonderful holiday decorations.

  • We can find a project for just about every room in our home. Tablescape trays make perfect platforms for dining room decoration. Wooden plaques can be used to put down any saying or picture you want. Unique table designs can be created using reclaimed wood. Headboards and benches also can give the bedroom a real transformation.
  • Wood pallets are the best material for making furniture and wall decorations. Sofas, chairs, coffee tables, wall shelves, lighting fixtures and decorative wall panels enhance the interior decorating with beautiful colours and unique texture of wood. From Sonear’s wide range of veneers one can choose the design of his or her choice. Every veneer is curated from the most exotic forests in the world, and will add distinguished charm and lasting strength to your interiors.
  • A very simple idea can be like we can take an old crate or build one out of reclaimed wood pieces and then fill it with lights, ornaments and greenery. This would look great in any corner of our room or also beside the fireplace to add to that warm, beautiful glow from the fire. Use Sonear Zeroflame Fire Retardant Plywood which delays the spread of fire due to its chemically treated slow burning properties. The low flammability, low rate of burning and higher flame penetration time provides “Safety” and “Comfort.”
  • With the holidays getting closer, we can make a card display from old wood pallets to display the Christmas and New Year cards. Attach the boards together and secure with paint sticks. Then we can just display our cards by pasting or use threads to hang the cards with some wooden clothespins.
  • We love a good DIY, but sometimes the task can be a hassle. The hope to DIY something as large as furniture might terrify us, but if we break them into simpler steps, they’re actually totally achievable. Also, adds uniqueness to the decorations, saving money all the while.
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