Explore the Most Exotic Variety of Veneers in India to Decorate Your Space

Explore the Most Exotic Variety of Veneers in India to Decorate Your Space

Create luxurious home interiors and cozy warm spaces with eco-friendly and visually appealing veneers. As veneers are versatile and flexible in design, homeowners can customize them in the form and style they want- exactly the way they envision. If you are looking for the Latest stunning styles of veneers designs to decorate your home in India, your search ends here. Sonear specializes in premium veneers. 

Sonear is one of the leading and largest manufacturers of decorative veneers in India. We have helped many homeowners redesign their spaces with high-quality veneers transforming them into high-end homes. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular and exotic veneers in our range:



Also known as an abstract of art, Ziricote is a popular choice from our range of Royals. Veneers from our Royals range are famous for their captivating visual appeal and unrepeatable patterns like spider webbing, hills & valley patterns, and marbling. These veneers provide a classy, upscale touch while looking stunningly beautiful. These veneers are perfect for adding warmth to your space with design brilliance.
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Smoke larch veneers from our range are perfect for creating an authentic old-work vibe in your home, like your study room. These veneers are made from natural trees. They look beautiful and are long-lasting. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about them cracking or fading over time. You can use them to update old furniture or customize kitchen cabinet surfaces, bathroom vanities, and other household items. Smoke larch veneers are a great way to enhance the look and add extra beauty to your space.

Shop from our range of Fuma veneers for those who love earthy tones and want furniture crafted to perfection. Smoke oak and smoke eucalyptus have a timeless appeal and look refreshingly modern. Decorate your master bedroom with these tones of veneers that create a beautiful symphony between classic and contemporary.
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Exotic Veneers

If you’re looking for a light shade of veneers for your children’s room or kitchen, veneers in our exotic range are your best bet. The blonde-yellowish brown to pink cream wood appearance spell style and grace with a touch of sophistication. The texture is fine to medium with tight pores. They have a striking and lustrous appearance and accept stains and finishes seamlessly.
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Stone Veneers

Stone veneer is the latest addition and trend in the Indian interior design industry. These veneers exude elegance and can instantly add luxury and aesthetics to any room. They have the charm of unique ancient stones but with a modern touch.

Stone veneers are lightweight, textured materials available in infinite shades. They are suitable for both exterior and interior applications. They are easy to cut and customize into stylish designs- giving your space a high-end look. But wait, stone veneers offer more than beauty and style. They are also durable and a great investment in protecting your home from harsh weather elements like hail storms and rain.
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Contact us for more information or to shop from our premium range of Veneers Designs. We also offers a wide range of Custom Veneer design sheets for your dream homes of best variety at economical prices. See our catalog now.

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