Flush Doors Vs. Wooden Doors - Which One is Better For You?

Flush Doors Vs. Wooden Doors – Which One is Better For You?

One of the major decisions you have to make when building or remodeling your house is deciding the type of doors you want to install. Doors can have a significant impact on the overall appeal of the interior and exterior of the house. This is particularly true as it is one of the things people notice & use many times in your house. 

Wooden doors have been a popular choice for houses for decades but many modern homeowners are now opting for flush doors for an elegant and simple look. Getting a better understanding of both these doors will help you make the final decision. 


Flush Doors vs. Wooden Doors

Flush doors by Sonear are created with the highest quality materials using the most advanced technologies to provide uniform thickness. These sophisticated doors add versatility and simplicity to the décor. The Flush doors by Sonear come with a Pinewood frame, built from New Zealand pinewood which is the most durable offering in the market. 

On the other hand, wooden doors are built with high-quality wood and are extremely easy to install. However, they require additional maintenance and care compared to flush doors.  The wooden doors are also more prone to rot after water absorption. 

Flush doors are super easy to clean and only require a simple wipe with a clean, dry towel. Maintaining wooden doors requires more effort and time since dust can easily gather in the grooves and design of the door. 


Understanding the Differences between Flush Doors and Wooden Doors

Here are some of the major ways these doors are different to help you decide the right one for you:


Flush doors are more affordable as compared to wooden doors and are also available in multiple measurements, as well as structures and shapes. While wooden doors can also be shaped into different shapes, they cost even more. Moreover, Sonear flush doors are given a brightening touch to make it sturdier and give an appearance of luxury. 


With their budget-friendly costs, Sonear flush doors provide a better surface thickness without any distortion or undulation, leaving it smooth for polishing and laminations. This creates a better value compared to the wooden doors. Flush doors are also rarely affected by termites unlike wooden doors and due to their homogenous structure offer more long-lasting strength.  


Sonear offers a wide variety of flush doors to create the look you desire, from a simple design to a modern look. These are ideal if you want to add a minimalist touch to your house. On the other hand, wooden doors also create a nice visual appeal but flush doors create a more high-end look. 


Flush doors are finished with polish and veneer or can be finished with laminate over MDG or ply used to build the door. Wooden doors are finished with numerous options, like spirit polishing, wax, paint, or oil polishing, or can also be finished with laminate fixing. 


Wrapping Up 

Both flush doors and wooden doors can add their own set of unique characteristics to your house but Sonear flush doors give your home a more elegant and modern appearance. Flush doors for easier installation and require lower maintenance compared to wooden doors. 

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