Go minimalist with your interiors

Go minimalist with your interiors

There is nothing like feeling the freshly systematized space. For those of us who lead a busy lifestyle, keeping our homes clean is a daily activity. But don’t you worry you have come up with a better idea. Become a minimalist.


The minimalist decor idea is a combination where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. This style statement demands you to declutter all your stuff and sum up with only the essentials objects which deliver maximum impact to your home. This style is far from boring and brings a very bold, functional, and highly memorable look.


At Sonear, we frequently keep pace with the contemporary trends and lifestyle, with maintaining our legacy of timeliness and of course the most important “quality”. For more than two decades we have been the pioneer in manufacturing exotic veneers, a special range of plywood, and ready-to-use flush doors.


If you have been a fan of this style statement but confuse about how to get it started then you are on the right page. We bought for you a few minimalist style statements you can go ahead with for your home decor.


  • Play with texture – You can make things look aesthetic by trying different textures. For example, if you are using a monochromatic color palette, you can bring warmth to space by incorporating a combination of texture. You can use linen wallpaper and soft wool fabrics for a soothing look.

Sonear, Flexi ply can be designed into various shapes and patterns meeting the specific requirement of the style statement. If you have a neutral color palette you can add wooden accessories in your room to soften the style.


  • The Clean lines and flat surfaces – The furniture or objects in the minimalist style statement always define clean lines and curves as well as flat surfaces. In the kitchen, you can have well-defined cabinets and drawers with a lot of flat surfaces.

Our Veneer retains the natural charm of its source, you can see its aesthetic appeal is heightened with deft craftsmanship. Even our flush- doors have uniform thickness with alluring in shape and structure.


  • The simplest way of decoration – If you have a white backdrop or a neutral tone in your living room area go for a colorful throw pillow and a striking painting on your wall. You will observe how a simple object can stand out.


  • A bare window is a new trend – Yes, let the light in. Use bare windows and if privacy is an issue use a sheer curtain for the same.

Nowadays, a lot of homes turning into minimalist decor where you feel a refreshing way of living in a way neat, organize, and clutter-free.

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