How To Check Plywood Quality?

Whether looking for materials to design new furniture or renovating your space, the materials can greatly impact the overall look. Investing in high-quality materials, particularly plywood, is the only way to ensure a fine finished product.

Plywood is an excellent material for different interior spaces. With the growing demand, there has been an increase in plywood products of varying quality. Finding the right one is integral to achieving the desired outcomes.

But you might be wondering how to check plywood quality. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to conduct plywood quality checks, including:

Ply Thickness

The most important way to check plywood quality is its thickness. While the thickness may vary depending on the type and use of the plywood, the high-quality plywood thickness is usually between 4mm and 25mm. Ensure the thickness is equal throughout the plywood, and knock on multiple places to ensure consistent sounds.

Area of Use

When selecting plywood, you must determine its application. You must invest in only high-quality plywood for areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Ensure the plywood is moisture and heat-resistant to enhance the safety and security of the space and longevity.

ISI Mark 

Before you select plywood, look for the Indian Standard Industry (ISI) mark. This is the standard compliance in India for all industrial materials. When plywood has an ISI mark, it is an assurance that it is made with quality material.

Physical Checks

The physical integrity of the plywood can speak volumes of its quality. Here are a few ways to conduct physical checks on plywood:

  • Check for smooth surfaces while looking out for any bumps
  • Ensure even thickness not just on the surface but also on the sides
  • Makes sure there are no overlapping with little to no core gaps


The best indicator of a high-quality product is its warranty. When manufacturers have trust in the quality of their products, they never hesitate to offer a good warranty. Therefore, always look for the warranty when doing a plywood quality check. Sonear offers a 15 years warranty on all plywood products, a testament to outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

Mother Sticker and Enivro Sticker

When looking for quality plywood, check for the enviro sticker that indicates the plywood is eco-friendly. Another sticker to look for is the mother sticker that indicates the plywood is created with PCT technology, meaning it is protected against termites, powder, and borer.

Wrapping Up 

Using low-quality plywood can significantly compromise the look, feel, and durability of your furniture. With the market filled with fake and duplicate products, you must learn how to check plywood quality to ensure you find original products. These plywood quality checks will ensure you get the best plywood for your furniture or other interior designs.

Sonear Ply is one of the biggest suppliers in India with strong dealership network in Delhi and surrounding areas, providing the best quality plywood. We thoroughly check the quality of products before putting them on the market. Always look for Sonear quality check stickers on the plywood to ensure there are original and high-quality.

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