Laminate vs.Veneer Which is Best for your Furniture?

Laminate vs. Veneer: Which Is the Best Finish for Your Furniture?

Wooden furniture is often the number one choice for many houses. It adds a certain character and appeals to the interior of your home. One of the most significant factors of wooden furniture that can greatly impact the overall look of your furniture is the type of finish used. 

Laminates and veneers have been popular and affordable furniture finishing options for multiple kinds of furniture but Veneer creates a more refined and elevated appearance. There are multiple differences between these two finishes, but which one is the right choice for you? Understanding the varying characteristics can help you find the best finish for the furniture.

Laminate vs Veneer: Key Differences


Sonear veneer is available in multiple bespoke designs in a natural grainy pattern of wood, creating a  warm, and rich appearance. This furniture finish can also be stained into various colors and different finishes, like matte and gloss. While laminate is also available in numerous options, veneer creates a more appealing appearance.  


Variety of Styles 

Veneers are curated from exotic trees and can create the most natural styles. Every veneer sheet by Sonear offers a unique appearance, unlike laminate sheets that are completely identical. Veneer can be transformed into beautiful natural patterns, creating a warm and appealing appearance. Sonear’s latest stone finish veneer collection includes beautiful patterns, like Brown Rhinestone and Amber Wood. 



Laminate certainly provides you the chance to imitate any other material, it ends up with a slightly artificial finish that becomes more apparent with time. Veneer, on the other hand, creates a much more natural and elegant finish, which is identical to wood. 


Fits the Latest Trends 

Creating a mindful space is what most people are aspiring for. The latest interior trend of Feng shui has gained popularity among many homeowners. Using a veneer finish helps in achieving this goal through its natural designs and appearance unlike the artificial look created by laminate. 



Veneer is among the greenest finishing material and is a renewable resource since it is completely authentic and natural. Sonear only utilizes biodegradable materials for all veneer products to ensure the highest sustainability. 


Wrapping Up 

Deciding between laminate vs. veneer finishing can be difficult since both have unique ways of enhancing the space. However, a veneer is a highly sustainable material that creates a more natural and appealing look. 

Sonear ensures the natural charm of the source of veneer is not only retained but is also heighted with expert craftsmanship, resulting in the best finish for your furniture. 

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