Sonear Ply|Plywood Furniture vs. Solid Wood Furniture

Plywood Furniture vs. Solid Wood Furniture

Are you planning a home improvement project? Are you thinking of getting new furniture? Confused about plywood and solid wood furniture? Read this post to learn the differences between the two options and make an informed choice.

Plywood Furniture vs. Solid Wood Furniture

Though solid wood furniture has been around for the longest time, it is rapidly being replaced by plywood furniture for all the right reasons. Here’s a detailed comparison of both types of furniture:


When you invest in furniture, you want to ensure that it is durable and will last for years. After all, furniture is expensive, and you can’t replace it often.

Solid wood is known for its sturdiness. But do you know that modern plywood furniture is also very strong? In some cases Plywood has a higher resistance to damage compared to solid wood furniture. The strength is much owed to its multiple layers of sheets glued together to create a stable and strong material for making different pieces of furniture.


Solid wood may be a good choice for sturdy and simple furniture. However, plywood is a better option if you’re looking for a highly-customized and unique furniture style to enhance your home or office interior. Plywood can be customized into any shape, style, and size easily and cost-efficiently. You can use it to make cabinets, partitions, wall panels, and other applications. However, you may incur a huge cost for solid wood customization because customizing wood is difficult.


If you want to go green and lower your carbon footprint, then plywood furniture is a better choice. Solid wood furniture requires mature trees, while plywood can be made with thin wood sourced from renewable and fast-growing species of trees. So, when it comes to plywood furniture vs. solid wood furniture, plywood is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

Low Maintenance

Furniture maintenance can be the hardest for people with busy schedules and always on the go. The good news is that both options- solid wood and plywood are easy to maintain. Solid wood has high water resistance, but you must re-polish and sand it every three years to recoup its color and shine.

On the other hand, well-laminated plywood furniture doesn’t need to be re-polished. It is scratch, moisture, and water resistant. All you need is a damp cloth to clean the stains and keep them well-maintained.


Solid wood is a good choice if you have a big budget and want straight wood and grain patterns. However, if you want to enhance your place’s visual appearance but are tight on budget, then plywood is the best way to go. It is decorative, customizable, and economical. It instantly enhances your space’s look without putting a big dent in your pocket.

Contact us for more information on plywood vs. solid wood furniture or service assistance. We can help you make an informed choice- a decision you will be happy with and proud of.


Sonear Ply|Plywood Furniture vs. Solid Wood Furniture

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