Healthy Zero Emission Block Boards



Sonear Zero Emission Blockboard has been created by following stringent quality norms. It is bonded with a special resin, under controlled temperature and pressure, with a unique recipe, which reduces the emission of formaldehyde dume to nearly zero. This makes it ideal for all kinds of interior applications like Furniture, Wardrobes, Ceillings, Panelling as well as Packaging and, most importantly, safe for one’s health.

S.No. Test IS:1659 Requirment Sonear Results
1 Dimensional Change Caused by Humidity
a. Max. change in length
b. Max change is thickness
Max change in local planeness
± 1 mm
± 1 mm
Less than 1/150
0.30 mm
0.40 mm
2 Modulus of Rupture Min 50.00 N/mm2 55.00 N/mm 2
3 Modulus of Elasticity Min 5000 N/mm2 5640 N/mm2
4 Edge of Straightness 0.2% (Max) 0.05%
5 Squareness 0.2% (Max) 0.10%

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