Infinity Plus Plywood



A world-class limited edition range built with the unique PCT technology. With layers of Gurjan core, it is the strongest plywood in the world and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is borer proof, fungus proof, termite resistant and made with technical specifications conforming to IS:710 (1976)

S.No. Testing Parameters IS:710 Requirments Sonear Infinity Results
1 Moisture Content 5 to 15 % 9%
2 Glue shear Strength in Dry Condition a. Individual Min 1100 Newton
b. Average Min 1350 Newton
a. 1640 Newton
1855 Newton
3 Glue Shear Strength in Wet Condition a. Individual Min 800 Newton
b. Average Min 1000 Newton
1505 Newton
1610 Newton
4 Tensile Strength
a. Parallel to grain direction
b. Right angle to grain direction
c. Sum of both directions
Min 42.0 N/mm2
Min 25.0 N/mm2
Min 84.5 N/mm2
77.0 N/mm2
59.0 N/mm2
136.0 N/mm2
5 Water Resistance test Should pass 72 Hours of Boiling Test 210 Hours Test Passed

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