Ltw+ Zeroflame Plywood


IS : 5509

In the adverse event of a fire, Sonear LTW+ Zeroflame Retardant Plywood delays the spread of fire due to its chemically treated slow burning properties. The low flammability, low rate of burning and higher flame penetration time provides “Safety” and “Comfort.”

Sr. No. Testing Parameter IS:5509 Requirment Sonear Results
1 Moisture Content 5% to 15% 7.9%
2 Treatment Core veneer to be soaked in 2% solution of Borax for 40 Minutes(depending upon veneer thickness) Satisfactory
3 Glue Shear Strenght in Dry Condition a. Individual Min. 1100 Newton
b. Average Min 1350 Newton
1360 Newton
1590 Newton
4 Glue Shear Strenght in Wet Condition a. Individual Min 800 Newton
b. Average Min 1000 Newton
1130 Newton
1280 Newton
5 Flammability Time taken for Second Ignition > 30 Minutes (For 12 mm Thick plywood) 44 Minutes
6 Flame Penetration Time for Flame Penetration to be > 30 Minutes (For 12 mm Thick plywood) 52 Minutes
7 Rate of Burning To be > 20 Minutes 36 Minutes

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