Sonear Enviro Bwp Grade



Sonear Grade Block Board is made to last with strong core and perfect finish. The high temperature and pressure treatment results in this high quality board that can resist boiling water, cold water, climate variations, powder and termite attacks. It is perfect for areas with high humidity and moisture. So it is ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Partitions, Door Panels and Inserts.

S.No. Testing Parameters IS:710 Requirments Sonear Results
1 Moisture Content 5 to 15 % 9.2%
2 Glue shear Strength in Dry Condition a. Individual Min 1100 Newton
b. Average Min 1350 Newton
a. 1560 Newton
1666 Newton
3 Glue Shear Strength in Wet Condition a. Individual Min 800 Newton
b. Average Min 1000 Newton
1300 Newton
1420 Newton
4 Tensile Strength
a. Parallel to grain direction
b. Right angle to grain direction
c. Sum of both directions
Min 42.0 N/mm2
Min 2500 N/mm2
Min 84.5 N/mm2
58 N/mm2
46 N/mm2
110 N/mm2
5 Water Resistance test Should pass 72 Hours of Boiling Test 120 Hours Test Passed

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