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Select Best Plywood for Interiors – Sonear Ply

Today, no interior is complete without proper furnishing; and no furnishing is complete without plywood. While replacing wood, good quality plywood is equally durable and strong like traditional wood. However, plywood has many advantages over wood, such as its cost-effectiveness, availability and range, flexibility in carpentry, ease to repair and maintain, and doesn’t get warped or shrink in the long run.

So, what exactly is plywood? Plywood is an engineered wood that is prepared by gluing together thin veneer sheets with a resin under high pressure; creating a thick, strong and flexible flat sheet.

A prestigious interior solutions brand, Sonear is one of India’s largest and leading manufacturers of a special range of plywood, readymade, ready-to-use flush doors as well as veneers. Epitomizing the latest trends, the brand is distinguished by providing the choicest products; with new ground-breaking design solutions and ever-evolving contemporary patterns.

Being an ever-evolving, innovative organization, we understand your dilemma when purchasing plywood for your interiors. It is a long-term investment and you must have a number of queries in mind. We have meticulously assessed all your questions and have come up with innovative solutions to fit your every need. Our wide range of products will motivate you to UPGRADE your signature look, reflecting timeless grace with durability and strength.

Let’s see what Sonear has to offer in plywood.

Infinity plus plywood (Marine Grade) IS: 710

Built with the unique PCT technology, it is one of the most used, limited-edition plywood range from the house of Sonear. Due to its layers of Gurjan Core, it is considered amongst the world’s strongest plywood. It is termite resistant, borer proof and fungus proof. What’s more, it comes with technical specifications conforming to IS: 710 (1976) and a lifetime’s warranty.

LTW Plywood (IS: 710)

LTW plywood is made of hardwood timber and Gurjan Core, selected from the best of forests. While completely fungus proof, termite proof and borer resistant, it is also passed through Sonear’s most stringent quality procedural tests. Moreover, it conforms to IS: 710 grade; and all of these ensure continued performance and longevity for generations.

LTW Zero Flame Plywood

Due to treatment with fire-retardant chemicals, this ‘fire-resistant’ plywood is imparted with the capabilities of low flammability and low rate of burning with a high penetration time. So, when coming in contact with fire, it does not burst into flame but turns into ash; thereby preventing the spread of fire. In short, it truly  provides ‘safety’ with ‘comfort.’

Enviro Plywood (Marine Grade) IS: 701

This plywood is bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin; thereby imparting the properties to resist boiling water, cold water, climate variations as well as powder and termite attacks. Therefore, it is ideal for hot and humid locations; such as exterior furniture and fixtures, woodwork in kitchens and bathrooms as well as partitions, door panels, and inserts in typically moist places.

Healthy Zero Emission (Plywood IS: 303)

Healthy Zero Emission plywood is bonded with a special quality resin under controlled temperature and pressure with a unique recipe; thereby making the emission of formaldehyde fumes to nearly zero. This innovative plywood from Sonear is designed to ensure that the air in your interior remains healthy and breathable. Because of this unique feature, it can be used for all kinds of interior applications like wardrobes, paneling, furniture, packaging, etc.

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