Style Statement with Minimalistic Decor

Minimalist fashion is defined by one cardinal idea; keep it simple. We would say keep it simple and elegant. Go for class instead of a number. Simply speaking, it is a conscious decision to focus on which furniture pieces are important so that you can get rid of the excess, unnecessary ones. Think of it as finding freedom and fulfillment with the ones that truly add value to your life and décor.

Transcending from art and architecture, minimalistic concepts now find maximum resonance in interior décor; given the purpose-driven lifestyle of modern times. More than just clutter-free home décor, the minimalistic style looks into appropriate space and life management with the purpose of holistic and healthy living. A décor that is not only soothing and calming but also easy to maintain. 

This style statement is bold, functional, and leaves your signature everywhere; from the pieces, you have picked to the veneer used to the arrangement, everything reflects the essence of who you are and what you stand for. Moreover, the best part is that it’s not heavy on your pocket; allowing you to experiment more often than you could earlier imagine.

Let’s have a quick tour of Sonear’s idea of minimalist style décor:-

  • The Colour Palette – The seasoned colors such as Sonear’s Exotic and Fuma veneers come with pristine shades that are ideal for a stylish minimalistic look. The neutral colors will give a natural sheen to your décor. If you want to experiment with brighter colors, suggest sticking to shades that are one or two dosages higher than your surrounding shades. Also, use the brighter ones for highlights, covering smaller areas.
  • The Empty Spaces – Did you know that the empty spaces interact with furniture objects to give a vital look to your interior? Consider creating empty spaces in the living room with just a few of the family’s essentials. Highlight this emptiness with a look that reflects the soothing expanses in nature, to give it a poetic overture. For example, you may consider the Stone finished look in the dining area for that natural elegance. Feel the urge to spread your wings in the gorgeous spaciousness.
  • Decluttering – If you want to have minimalist home decor, it’s important to say goodbye to all the non-essentials. Stick to your essentials and store the rest in cabinets made of Enviro plywood with natural tinted veneers.
  • Accent Decoration – The idea of minimalist design is also to use the decorative items as accents; but remember not to create a chaotic, overcrowd look with too many elements. For example, use a decoratively patterned veneer and stick to that look for the entire room.
  • Play with texture – While minimalistic style emphasis on a clutter-free look, but that does not mean you can’t play with textures. In fact, carefully balanced textured veneers will give a distinctive identity to your interiors that will be cool yet classy. For example, consider using Sonear’s Royal veneers in your drawing room for having fun with fantastic textures. 
  • Let the light enter into your home – Make the window your friend and let the light stream into your room. The light in your room accentuates the minimalist style and brings positivity into the ambiance. Consider using sheer curtains to allow lots of sunlight and brightness into your rooms, while safeguarding your privacy. Capture this brightness with veneers that complements the natural light, such as the lighter shades of Yin&Yan or Teak veneers.
  • Small Decorative Objects for Big Enhancements– Highlight your décor with small pieces of furniture. For example, add splashes of colors to the living room with small side cabinets or side tables decorated with Sonear’s Enchanting and Teak ranges of veneers.

The ideas given here are just the tip of the iceberg; because you can let your imagination fly with Sonear’s wide range of groundbreaking designer veneers. Curated from the most exotic forests in the world, our veneers are transformed into amazingly beautiful patterns, adding distinguished charm and lasting grace to your interiors. While every measure is taken to ensure that the veneers retain the natural charm of their sources, their aesthetic appeal is heightened with deft craftsmanship; creating a timeless enchantment that is unparalleled.

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