Jitendra Kejriwal unsung hero

Indian Plywood And Construction Industry Will Soon See Double Digit Growth

First published on BW BUSINESSWORLD   Jitendra Kejriwal, a Delhi-based businessman, can be safely called the “unsung hero” of the Indian plywood industry. Founder of Sonear Group, Mr. Kejriwal can be credited for many firsts in the sector, including the first one to introduce decorative veneer in the country, the first one to use plantation timber for making plywood instead […]

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WFH furniture trends

Latest Work from Home (WFH) Furniture Trends

First published on Times Property   WHAT’S IN, YOU ASK? Home spaces today are re-adapting themselves to showcase a blend of exquisite designs with utility. Modern furniture pieces are now light, clutter-free, and easy on the eye. They are multipurpose, lightweight, flexible, easily movable, or can be reconfigured. More and more people are now opting for bold colour palettes, contrasts, […]

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Keep Furniture Healthy in Winter

Five Easy Tips To Keep Your Furniture Healthy This Winter

First published on News18   Famous Turkish writer and playwright Mehmet Murat İldan is known for his quotable statements. He once said that “you cannot separate the old furniture from the memories and the memories from the old furniture!” In fact, furniture, old or new, modern or traditional, has a strong sentimental value attached to it. Perhaps that’s why people […]

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before starting business

5 things to remember before starting a business

First published on The Indian Express   By Jitendra Kejriwal Are you someone who is looking to start your own business? Well, you are not alone. According to estimates, there were 582 million entrepreneurs in the world in 2021 and the number must have gone up, especially since the economic shocks inflicted by the Covid pandemic have eased since then. […]

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WhatsApp Image 2021 06 04 at 7.27.50 PM

Go minimalist with your interiors

There is nothing like feeling the freshly systematized space. For those of us who lead a busy lifestyle, keeping our homes clean is a daily activity. But don’t you worry you have come up with a better idea. Become a minimalist.   The minimalist decor idea is a combination where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. This style […]

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WhatsApp Image 2021 06 16 at 12.06.06 PM

Wooden Decorations to Make your Home Feel Alive

If you’re a person who likes the idea of a cozy cottage feels in their living space, then the wooden home decoration ideas are a perfect fit for you. The best part about wooden decoration is that it is easy to find and easy to maintain, so why not create a decoration that is smart as well as charming? Following […]

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How we can use our plywood efficiently

How we can use our plywood efficiently?

  Whether upgrading your interior décor or creating it from the ground up, it is always an absolutely rejuvenating endeavour. The ecstasy of innovating a new design and the joy of rediscovering numerous possibilities within it. The mesmerizing fervour of exploring shapes, colours, and materials; and watching your dream change into reality. While all this time keeping a close check […]

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