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Tips to maintain your furniture during winter

Furniture is one of the most essential requirements for a home. It not only makes your life simpler and gives you comfort but also enhances the look of the house. Out of all the materials used for creation, the most common and loved one is wooden furniture. High-quality wooden furniture is tough and made to last and is a big investment. But, wood is a naturally occurring substance and therefore gets affected by the changes in climate and extreme weather changes. Wood is affected by the chill and the lack of moisture in the air during the cold and dry winter weather. Wood has a natural tendency to expand when hot and contract when cold which on constant can cause wood to warp. You can however rest easy, that with the following tips, the natural reaction of wood to the weather do not impact your wooden furniture.

  • Wooden furniture should be kept away from sources of heat like heating vents, radiators, and space heaters as the ongoing exposure to the blasts of heat can cause wood to dry out and warp, discolor, and otherwise damage the wood and its finish.
  • In case you have a fireplace at your home, keeping wooden furniture at a distance from the fireplace is highly advisable as there is a potential for fire hazard in addition to the damage to your wooden furniture by heat.
  • To prevent loss of natural moisture from wooden furniture during winter, one way is to rub them down with lemon oil. It provides a layer of UV protection to the furniture when placed in direct sunlight and also nourishes and revives the wood.
  • Your balcony or garden furniture is made to withstand weather extreme climate conditions and generally have a coating of sealant to prevent the wood from losing its natural moisture and prevent absorption of any additional moisture from the air. Moisture can freeze inside wood causing it to crack in harsh winters. Therefore, it is always advisable to check your outdoor furniture well if they need an extra coat of sealant before winter sets in.
  • During winter, the use of central heating systems in homes can dispel considerable amounts of dust which damages the wooden furniture by leaving scratches on the surface. So, it is essential to wipe all wooden furniture with a soft and slightly damp cloth every few days.
  • Use premium quality of plywood like Sonear’s Infinity Plus Plywood which is the strongest plywood in the world and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Hence you don’t have to worry at all.
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