Sonear Ply|Top 4 Stone Veneer Finishes in 2023 from the Best Veneer Manufacturers in India

Top 4 Stone Veneer Finishes in 2023 from the Best Veneer Manufacturers in India

Do you want to give your home a new vibe this year? Do you want to upgrade your home’s interior? If yes, you’ll find this post quite useful as we share the top four veneer finishes in 2023 from the best veneer manufacturers in India. Take a look. It will help spark inspiration. Evaluate your options to make the best pick:


Polished Finish

If you like the glossy appearance of stone, like bench tops, accent walls, and countertops, a polished finish is your best bet. The stones are repeatedly polished for a seamless finish, and smooth surface creates this type of finish. It’s excellent for decorative elements around the house. However, we don’t recommend polished stones in slippery areas like bathrooms or outdoor areas near the poolside.


Tumbled Finish

As the name suggests, the tumbled finish for the stone veneer is achieved by placing the stone in the vibrating drum-like roller. It wears the stone’s surface completely, creating a soft look and edges with a beautiful antique finish. This stone veneer finish is ideal for wet rooms and high-traffic area walls. It blends in perfectly with the rustic interior and provides a smooth surface but is not slippery. So, if you want to create a warm, rustic, and soothing ambiance in your hallway or give your bathroom a unique touch while ensuring you don’t compromise safety over beauty, consider the tumbled finishing.


Sawn Finish

Our next pick among the top 4 stone veneer finishes for 2023 is the sawn finish. It is created with the help of diamond disc teeth. Please note that this finish is quite different from the polished finish. As the finish is crafted by sawing, it gives the stone a matte finish. It’s not glossy, but it has its own vibe, which makes it suitable for outdoor areas of your home, like driveways, steps, patios, and external paths.


Brown Rhinestone

If you’re looking for a rustic finish with a minimalistic design and a beautiful amalgamation of class, sophistication, and elegance, your search ends here. The Brown Rhinestone is where beauty meets style. It’s the perfect addition to the homes of those who love minimal designs with a rustic charm delivered with quality.

To learn more about stone veneer finishes or for assistance, contact us. Sonear is an industry-leading stone veneer manufacturer in India. We offer the widest variety of decorative veneers for homes and offices. Our attributes like quality, professionalism, work ethic, and pricing have helped us build a stellar market reputation. We are a household brand- a name you can trust. Schedule a consultation today.

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