Types of veneers: You must know

Types of veneers: You must know

The wood veneers are not something new but are a traditional and structurally vital technique of furniture-making which we still use in making contemporary designs. Wood veneers have been used for ages now. In woodworking, a veneer is a “paper-thin” is the finest appearance of wood that’s applied to both sides of a strong core surface. Wood veneers always give a plush or classy look to your furniture. It adds quality to the finished product as well as increases the strength of the product.

There’s one captivating fact about veneers that each veneer sheet is unique. Hence, there is very little chance of repetition as no two trees in the world are the same.

Today the market is filled with so many wood veneer brands. Undeniably, Sonear is leading the pack as its custom veneers are crated from the most exotic forests in the world. The brand doesn’t compromise on the quality, the wood is compressed as per IS 1328 specifications is framed from AAA+ grade veneer.

Sonear offers several types of veneers:

Royals Veneer:

They define a class and are for those who always desire for the best. They are available in a wide range with wonderful designs. These veneers will surely give exclusivity to your interiors.

Natural Tints Veneer:

Made from high-class wood and crafted with precision, in a way to enhance its natural beauty, consistency, and durability, each veneer undergoes a rigorous process. These veneers ply give your furniture and interior that pristine hue and natural glow.

Stone Veneer:

Those who love to collect old souvenirs and stones these veneers are just for them. Stone veneers bring the essence ofancient stones with an innovative touch. They are flexible, light and their unique shades of stones give your furniture an exquisite personality and bold character.

Fuma Veneer:

Wanted to give your interior a refresh look then Fuma is for you. Crafted with precision, their earthly beauty, and timeless appeal will keep you captivated for a long time.

Exotic Veneer:

They are crafted from the exotic forest wood and give that sophisticated look to your interiors and furniture.

The finesse and glamour oozed by these veneers make them very popular with interior designers across the world.

Exotic Veneer

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