Latest Work from Home (WFH) Furniture Trends

Latest Work from Home (WFH) Furniture Trends

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Home spaces today are re-adapting themselves to showcase a blend of exquisite designs with utility.

Modern furniture pieces are now light, clutter-free, and easy on the eye.

They are multipurpose, lightweight, flexible, easily movable, or can be reconfigured.

More and more people are now opting for bold colour palettes, contrasts, and a blend of contemporary with classic.

“While choosing furniture to work from home, the most important factor to consider is ergonomics. They must be supportive to prevent ailments due to bad posture and must be welcoming and easy to use. Also, when it comes to style, soft and comfortable cushioned-edged furniture pieces are great,” says Lokendra Ranawat, Co-founder and CEO WoodenStreet. 

When it comes to designing a home workstation, one needs to thoughtfully design spaces with new style elements. 

However, consider investing in the staple furniture first – a study table, an executive chair, and a laptop table.

In the case of limited space, any corner in your home can be turned into a cool home workspace.

This trend is indeed catching on everywhere. Some have turned to the refuge of the bedroom corner, while others feel that a part of the kitchen corner can be used as a functional home office – homeowners are finding ways to turn any little corner into a work area with a custom desk and a comfy chair.


Set Calming Environment in Your Home

Most working professionals prefer lounging spaces at home.

With comfortable sitting arrangements such as sofas, daybeds, ottomans, lounge chairs, and recliners, create a personalised lounging spot to read a book, hold yoga sessions, enjoy an evening tea or have a feast with family and friends.

“Sofa-cum-beds and divan beds are one of the most preferred choices among consumers owing to their designs, convertible features, long-term investments, and unmatched comfort. Add a few cushions, bolsters, and bed covers in pastel colours to make it livelier,” adds Ranawat.

An inviting space outside one’s home has a transformative charm.

Be it a patio, a porch, or an elaborate garden, a luxurious outdoor area is a bliss, especially when we are homebound.

With comfortable seats, stylish swings, mood lighting, and plants, one can create a beautiful corner to unwind.

The trend of alfresco dining in backyards is grabbing all attention. One can try a timeless Scandinavian open seating arrangement embedded with the grandeur of wood finishing. Also, a regal touch of seamless fabric drapes would further add to the beauty.

However, if your patio or porch is on the small side, set up a cosy space to enjoy a cup of coffee or to have a snack.

Fashionable and functional, place a round pedestal table with a built-in bench and stools.

A corner fountain or bougainvillea can put the finishing touches. Place large floor cushions for extra floor seating.



Here are five easy tips outlined by Jitendra Kejriwal, managing director, Sonear Industries Ltd that can help you protect your furniture’s health this season: 


Consider dry cleaning

Using a wet cloth to clean your furniture is never a good idea, especially when the temperature is low.

A wet cloth can damage the shine and polish of your beloved couch, bed, or sofa in the winter.

So, make it a point to only use a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth to wipe out the dust from your furniture.

A dirty wet cloth can also leave marks of water on the surface of your furniture which looks awful.


Try lemon oil

Not many people know that using lemon oil is one of the easiest and most effective ways of preventing the loss of natural moisture from wooden furniture during the winters.

Lemon oil not only nourishes and revives the wood, but it also provides a layer of UV protection to furniture when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

So, remember to rub your table and chairs with lemon oil once a fortnight when the weather is dry and cold.    


Keep it cool

Sitting close to a heater can be good for you but can be bad for your furniture during the winter.

To take care of your furniture through the season, place it away from sources of heat like room heaters, heating vents, and radiators.

These objects can damage your furniture by causing discolouration and distorting its finish. Keeping your sofa or bed close to heating sources can literally reduce both its look and feel and life.


Do not forget coasters

A nice and warm beverage keeps you going in the winter.

However, never keep a mug of hot tea or coffee directly on the surface of your furniture, especially if it’s made of wood.

Always use a coaster. Make it a habit and practice it throughout the year, particularly during house parties and other gatherings.

You must also use trivets under the hot dishes before you put them on the table.


Maintain the right temperature

One way to keep your furniture healthy when it is cold outside is to maintain a steady temperature and humidity level indoors.

A sudden and drastic change in moisture or temperature can warp or crack your furniture.

People often use a humidifier machine to keep the atmospheric humidity at 30- 40 per cent inside the room during the winter.

However, remember not to keep the machine too close to your furniture.

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