What Are Wood Veneers & Advantages of Using Wood Veneers

What Are Wood Veneers & Advantages of Using Wood Veneers

Are you changing the décor of your home? Do you want to give it a new and luxurious vibe? Are you wondering how to enhance the look of your home? Then, consider using wood veneers in furniture and cabinetry in your house. Adding wood veneers to your space can insanely elevate your home’s design and visual appearance. Read his post to understand what wood veneers are and the advantages of adding them.


Wood Veneers- What are They?

Veneers are smooth, thin sheets less than 1/40″ thick and made from high-quality, exotic species of wood. They are laminated or pressed onto thicker materials like plywood or MDF to create beautiful structural panels for distinguished charm and serve as an excellent high-end alternative to thicker hardwood lumber.


Benefits of Adding Wood Veneers to Your Space

1. Flexibility with Customization

Compared to solid wood, wood veneer is versatile and flexible. It offers amazing flexibility with curved and contoured surfaces while giving you the power to create and customize Veneer designs for a dramatic end presentation.. Furthermore, as every species has unique color and grain, wood veneers create a beautiful contrast and appealing patterns with your style choice and preferences when mixed.

2. Durability and Superior Strength

Wood veneers are an investment that can last for years. As wood veneers are engineered on high-strength wood boards, it increases their lifespan and durability. They also have excellent resistance to fragmentation, bending, and warping. Furthermore, it acts like a shield protecting the furniture beneath from impacts, stains, spills, and sun.

3. Aesthetically Appealing and Affordable

Wood veneers look natural and are aesthetically appealing. It’s no wonder they are also referred to as natural veneers. Though they mimic the hardwood look, they don’t put a dent in your wallet. Wood veneers are economically priced and perfect for consumers who want to create a natural appeal in their living spaces on a budget.

4. Eco-Friendly Option

Another great advantage of using wood veneers in your home décor is it’s eco-friendly. Hence, it can be recycled easily after its lifetime. It is crushed into wood waste and utilized for manufacturing particle boards. Rest assured, you will not be adding to landfills.


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What Are Wood Veneers & Advantages of Using Wood Veneers

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