Jitendra Kejriwal’s Standpoint on the CBI (Confidential Business Information)

Jitendra Kejriwal’s Standpoint on the CBI (Confidential Business Information)

Jitendra Kejriwal the pioneer of the plywood industry. For over 30 years, he has provided his wisdom on plywood as a consultant to Sonear Industries. He also holds interest in the business aspects of the industry and has often shared his knowledge on CBI (Confidential Business Information). Confidential business information is critical corporate information that should not be made public. If this sort of information is made public, it may have detrimental effects on the company’s performance. Confidential business information encompasses a wide range of topics concerning the operations of a corporation. Some of the confidential business information are as follows: purchases, shipments, inventory, partnerships, trade secrets, manufacturing procedures, income sources, and profits and expenses.


Mr Jitendra Kejriwal has stated that to safeguard Sonear Ply Industries‘ corporate secrets and goodwill, they constantly ensure that information remains between the board of directors and high-level management and employees to prevent outsiders from causing any harm to the business. Mr Kejriwal has indicated a few ways in which this confidential information might be secured.


  • Protect important business information such as marketing strategies, cost and pricing information, and client lists.
  • Secure ideas that provide a competitive advantage, allowing the firm or individual to gain an advantage over its competitors.
  • Prevent rivals from knowing that a product or service is in development and from understanding its technical and structural characteristics.
  • Safeguard negative knowledge, i.e, knowledge gained through research and development on what not to do or whatever doesn’t operate effectively.
  • Preserve any additional valuable information that is not widely known by your rivals.


Apart from that, he has a few words to say regarding the procedures that should be taken into account.


  • General Security: All sensitive corporate information should be prohibited from public view—that is, only those who have consented to keep the information private should be permitted to view it. Reasonable steps should be taken to preserve trade secrets.
  • Electronic information security: Accessibility to computer systems holding sensitive information should be limited to those who are obliged to hold the information confidential. Avoid sharing logins and passwords with employees.
  • Restriction in distribution: Sensitive information should be distributed only to those who have a legitimate business interest in knowing it. The distribution of information to all other individuals should be restricted.


Jitendra Kejriwal, a man of integrity who has been in the industry for over three decades, assisted Sonear Ply Industries in establishing deeper roots in the plywood market. However, we can deduce that his knowledge extends beyond his role as a consultant to other parts of running a business. He has shared his thoughts on how a CBI (confidential business information) policy should assign the following duties to each employee:


  • An employee must follow all relevant state and federal laws, as well as corporate regulations, when it comes to accessing, using, and disclosing sensitive information.
  • Only the organisation’s information systems should be used to save or convey confidential information.
  • Employees should not remove confidential information-containing materials or property from the department unless it is required to execute their work tasks.
  • If an employee doubts the proper use or disclosure of sensitive information, he or she should seek advice from the relevant corporate individual.
  • In the event that an employee works outside the office, they should take precautions to keep personal information safe and secure from loss or disclosure to unauthorised individuals.
  • Any known breach of the company’s private information policy by the employee or a third party should be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor.
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