Add some Spring Color to Your Interior

Add some Spring Color to Your Interior

The sun is out, the flowers are blooming and there’s freshness in the air, yes spring is here. There is nothing better than the early days of spring; when you can refresh your space with these vibrant hues. This weather gives you the reminder that it’s time to say goodbye to the dark of cold winter.

This spring, decorate your home with the latest trends. Go for the new trends in interior décor. One of the easiest ways to change your home look this spring is by playing with colors. Add that special touch with our widest range of creative solutions and designs. We suggest selecting colors for your furniture in harmony with the colour of your home. Here are a few tips on spring colors that will help you to upgrade the style statement of your home and with our decorative veneers.

  1. Yellow – Yellow is such a cheerful and happy color and this year you might see it even more. You can incorporate this color into small doses like on a small piece of decorative furniture or in small patches on larger pieces for decorative highlighting.
  2. Gray – Although the color is more inclined towards winter, grey can help bring out other warm colors. Use this in composition with brighter palettes to create a feeling of harmony and steadiness. Pair up grey with bright fuchsia or yellow and just watch the magic.
  3. Blush – Blush is a very popular color around the year but it gives a special touch during spring. It’s a very natural color palette that provides warmth and subtleness to your home space without looking too much over the top.
  4. The Sage Green – Green always adds freshness and positivity to your home. It is such a versatile shade, being available in the widest variety of hues and tones. For spring, we suggest you go for the soft sage green. Experience the feeling of nature within your home space, albeit with a modern touch.
  5. Coral – This color is very vibrant and energizing. Use it judiciously to add a dash of vibrant happiness to your decor. However, pair it with pastel palettes to give it a classy touch. Consider trying coral wallpaper on small spaces in your bathroom, home office, or bedroom.
  6. Pastels – If you prefer to add cool elegance to your home during the warmer days, the pastel color is for you. These colors not only mimic the outdoors, but they also bring out the essence of spring-summer joy after a cold winter. Pastel shades on furniture look classy and elegant. No wonder a lot of interior designers are adopting new pastel shades in veneers for designing spring-summer furniture. 
  7. White – You can never go wrong with white. It not only brings out other colors but also complements the natural light in brightening up your interior. In addition, a pure white interior has always been a style statement; its allure remaining everlastingly stylish. In spring, this color takes a special signification, symbolizing the rejuvenation and purity of nature.

So, this spring, start playing with colors; our wide range of veneers will provide with your desired hues and shades. Curated from the most exotic forests, these are masterpieces that will compliment your inner décor with timeless elegance.

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