Sonear Ply|Are Plywood, Flush Doors, and Decorative Veneers Worth Their Price?

Are Plywood, Flush Doors, and Decorative Veneers Worth Their Price?

If you plan to remodel your home and give it a contemporary vibe without putting a big dent in your pocket, this post is a must-read. Regarding home improvement projects in India, people want quality with cost efficiency. Options like natural stone and solid wood can be pricey for homeowners with tight budgets. 

In such a situation, you can either delay your home improvement project until you have an adequate budget or look for alternative options. In this post, we’ll discuss the latter. Among the most cost-efficient ways to revitalize your space are plywood, stone veneers, and flush doors. Let’s dive deeper to learn about their benefits, usage, pricing, and where to shop.



For those who love woodwork around their homes, it can be costly to enhance the entire look of your interior space with solid wood. You can easily override your budget with natural wood and, needless to say, the damage it can do to the environment. Imagine the number of trees you must cut down to improve your curb’s visual appeal. 

Solid wood is pricey, but you can always have the same look and feel with a budget-friendly option- plywood. Though plywood prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, one thing is for sure it offers the beauty of real wood with added benefits such as the following:

  • Larger in size
  • Lightweight
  • Customized easily
  • Greater square foot coverage
  •  Eco – friendly
  • Longer life & higher sturdy with higher density

So, if you want woodwork cost-efficiently, plywood is your best option. Give your home a facelift by adding warmth and sophistication of wood with plywood. Plywood resembles solid wood, but plywood costs less than natural wood. Click here to fill up the form to enquire about the latest Sonear plywood price list.


Stone Veneer

Similarly, a stone veneer is a great option for those looking for alternatives to natural stone without compromising style or beauty. Stone veneer offers tons of benefits to homeowners:

  • High-end visual appeal
  • Add elegance to your space
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Application


Click here to fill up the form to enquire about the latest Sonear veneer price list.


Flush Doors

Doors say a lot about the home. You need doors that look great but, at the same time, are durable, sturdy, and have excellent strength. Here, flush doors have become extremely popular in India. Their visual appeal is 10 on 10. Other benefits include:

  • Higher durability
  • Warm appearance
  • Superior stability
  • Higher resistance to weather change 

Click here to fill up the form to enquire about the latest Sonear flush doors price list

Sonear is a well-reputed and leading manufacturer of plywood, decorative veneers, and flush doors in India with almost three-decade-long experience. Sonear offers the widest range of options. All products are of the highest quality and 100 percent made and manufactured in India. For more information about our products or price list, contact us today.

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