Key Benefits of Using Teak Wood Decorative Veneers

Key Benefits of Using Teak Wood Decorative Veneers

Enhance the look of your home or office with teak wood decorative veneers. Made from the highest quality Burma teak, these veneers are one of the best ways to give your space a fresh and new look while ensuring that your furniture will last for years. That’s right; the longevity of teak wood veneer is unmatched. Teak wood veneers are designed for performance and built to envy. Here are the amazing benefits of teak wood veneers:


Add Versatility to Your Space

Go creative with teak veneer. These veneers are easy to use and work with. You can glue them easily on surfaces like ply, particle board, and MDF- creating your desired interior look with convenience. Their versatility and ease-of-use make them a top choice for home furnishing.

Exude Luxury

Though economically priced, teak wood veneers can instantly add luxury and sophistication to your ambiance. It is much owed to its visual appeal and color range, including earthy tones such as golden honey and deep brown. Moreover, teak wood offers the largest range of designs and patterns to select from. Mix and match to find the decorative veneer that blends and enhances your interior and appeals to your style.


Unmatched Durability

When durability is on top of your priority list of furniture materials, then teak wood is your ultimate choice. The nature of the teak wood makes it dense and weather resistant. Hence, it can easily withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, which makes it a preferable choice for doors, countertops, windows, and furniture.  


Decay and Pest Resistance

Another great benefit of using teak wood decorative veneers around your home is that it contains rubber and natural oils that provide them with superior decay-resistant properties. The natural oil maintains the teak veneer’s stability while the rubber protects it from decay and pests.


Environmental Friendly

Go green and reduce your carbon footprint with teak wood. These veneers make a great alternative to solid hardwood. As teak wood is made from solid wood thin slices, multiple veneers can be made from one log. And do you know what that means? You don’t have to cut and chop a lot of trees. More importantly, teak wood decorative veneers are recyclable. Once recycled, teak wood is transformed into wood fibers that can be easily used for making boards.


For more information or quality assistance, contact us. We specialize in teak veneers. Browse through our catalog to view your options.We also offers a world class Custom Veneer designs from our Veneer Experts team. Our range features solid and warm tones like Myanmar teak, chocolate teak wood, wonder teak, and more.

Environmental Friendly

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